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Irresistible By Liz Bankes

Release Date: ebook out now! Paperback - April 2013
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Format: ebook / Paperback
Pages: 224
Source: Received from Publisher for Review.
Synopsis: Some games can go too far. . .

When Mia gets a summer job in a country club, it's a chance to see into a whole world of privilege and passion she's never imagined.
Thankfully there's Dan to keep her feet on the ground. He's laid-back, funny and could be the perfect person to go travelling with when the summer's over.
But behind everything that happens in the summer, there's Jamie. Wealthy and sexy, he's got everything he could ever want, and enjoys nothing more than messing with people's lives for his own entertainment.
Mia knows that any relationship with Jamie is a bad idea,
but as she's drawn into his dangerous and madly exciting world, she finds the one thing she can't stop is herself.

A new, steamy novel for readers who want their romances witty, and their love interest full of passion!
Review: Irresistible was a fast fun read about young love and growing up. I really enjoyed this book, it was a fresh read that was different from so many other contemporaries. I've read many in the past couple of months and Irresistible is like a breath of fresh air. I really enjoyed the light summery read that had many deeper lessons and truths at it's heart.
In the first few pages we join Mia during a job interview, and we see her all awkward and nervous in the presence of Julia Elliot-Fox the owner of the country club. Her interview is cut short when a very attractive boy begins kissing a girl up against the window. Mia gets slightly embarrassed but the Mrs Elliot-Fox just sighs at her sons behaviour. A while later Mia finds out she's gotten the job and begins straight away. Its there that she meets her fellow co-workers including the cool, laid-back Dan. Friendships blossom over the course of the summer but Mia is always looking for the mysterious Jamie Elliot-Fox, the boy from the window. He's always there and she soon realises she's falling for him but he's such a player, things can't possibly work out, especially as she begins seeing Dan officially. Mia has many choices to make over the summer and things to experience.
I loved Mia's character, she kept her calm head even when in the presence of Jamie who just oozes confidence. She was smart, calm and mature but she was a teenager at heart. We learn at the very beginning that a past experience with a boyfriend has left her very wary of new relationships and now she's more cautious than ever. Then Dan, the laid back and charming boy asks her out for a picnic like a true gentlemen. He was very funny and together they were hilarious but there was always a bit of Jamie lurking at the back of her mind. She knows she shouldn't lead Dan on but she's falling for him too. Mia soon realises that Life is a lot harder than it seems. There will never be a simple summer romance, other things will always come into play.
We then have Jamie, the rich, popular sexy boy who just happens to live at the country club. He took a liking to Mia straight away giving her the nickname Joesph, but that's all there was to begin with, I wouldn't even say they were friends. He was a casual annoyance that managed to get under Mia's skin. Then you have Cleo, the cold bitch that is Jamie's girlfriend. The thing is she let him sleep with others, it was so pathetic and annoying and she soon turned against everyone when things weren't going her way.
I loved the development of the story and the characters were all unique and interesting. The setting was well detailed too, you could just feel the history and the great walls of the country club around you. It really did have it's own atmosphere.  Oh but the ending, it was just so so good. Yes it was heartbreaking and I really didn't expect it but it was rather sweet. I just wished there was an extra chapter giving us some more details on what happened next. Irresistible is a great light read all about young love and some difficult decisions teens have to make.

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