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Soul Fire By Kate Harrison

Soul Fire
Series: Soul Beach #2
Release Date: 5th July 2012
Publisher: Indigo
Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
Source: Review Copy from publisher

Synopsis: Alice Forster regularly talks with her dead sister, Meggie, in the virtual world of Soul Beach - an online paradise where dead teenagers are held in limbo.

Alice has learned that if she can solve the mystery of someone's death in the real world, then that person is released from the Beach. Meggie needs Alice to solve her murder so she can be free, but as Alice is getting closer to discovering the murderer, the murderer is getting closer to Alice!

The second thriller in this utterly gripping trilogy for teens that explores social networking in a whole new way - Facebook for the dead!

Review: Soul Fire is a brilliant sequel to Soul Beach. I even liked it more than the first one. Soul Fire is full of suspense making the reader grip on to the pages, looking for clues to who really is the killer. It really is a mystery and there are a few hints but we only know what Alice does. There are so many twists in this and so many suspects that there is no one you can trust. Alice struggles to trust anything her so called friends say, and with a nagging feeling someone is following her, she knows time's running out before that someone makes a pounce on her. I really love Soul Fire, you could see how the author has developed as a writer between the two books and this one is definitely stronger. Soul Fire is a fast paced mystery full of unexpected twists that leaves the reader feeling like a detective, trying to piece the clues together. These books really pull the reader deep into the story. 

Soul Fire joins Alice nearly a year after her sisters death. Alice still visits Soul Beach but both worlds are rocked when Tim, Meggie's boyfriend turns up dead. Even more confusing is he lands on Soul Beach. Alice knows there's a connection between the two deaths and she knows that the killer is getting closer. Upon Tim's death she stumbles across a website about Tim and Meggie, the host is convinced that Tim is innocent. Alice is shocked that there is someone else out there who also believes Tim is innocent. With the help of Lewis she tries to track the website host down. Meanwhile on the beach someone wants Alice's help and she won't refuse. 

I liked Alice more in this book, she's so lost and sees everyone as suspicious, she doesn't know who she can trust. Her parents want her life to go back to normal so she begins hanging out with her old friend Cara.  We do see a change is Alice, she becomes more carefree and enjoys life a bit more. But Soul Beach is always at the back of her mind. She knows there are people there only she can help and that responsibility hangs hard on her shoulders. Alice feels responsible for the people on the beach, especially her sister's friends. I liked how Alice's relationship with Javier developed, he was so hurt inside. He covered it up with sarcasm and jokes. She tells him she will help, and this makes him more hopeful. I also liked how she and Cara became close friends again, they're great together. She's the sensible one while Cara is reckless. Alice's character seemed so much more developed in this book and I can't wait to see what happens next.

I won't talk too much about the other characters as they're all suspects and at points I thought each of them could be the murderer. By the end of the book, I think I know who the murderer is but I could be wrong. I hope it isn't who I think it is as they are very awesome but alas, it could all be an act on their part.

I loved Soul Fire, It was an excellent addition the the trilogy and now the standards are high for the final book. I cannot wait to see what's revealed then, there are so many little clues that make every character a suspect, so much could change in the next book and I'm so excited! Soul Fire is a great mystery novel that engrosses the reader from start until finish. Oh and that cliffhanger just makes me what the next book even more! I really recommend this series, it's unique! I love the way they are written and Kate Harrison is an author to look out for!

Thank you to Indigo for providing me with a review copy.

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  1. Thanks, Annabelle, for the generous and thoughtful review - really appreciate it, and glad you felt so strongly about Alice's journey...


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