Monday, 7 May 2012

This Is How It Ends By Kathleen MacMahon

This Is How It Ends
Release Date: 6th July 2012
Publisher: Sphere
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 400

Synopsis: THIS IS HOW IT ENDS tells the story of two people who collide with each other just as the whole world seems to be caught between the hope and promise of Obama’s election and the catastrophic collapse of the global economy.

Bruno is a middle-aged American banker who has come to Ireland to escape the financial meltdown in his own country. Addie is an out-of-work Irish architect. Childless and isolated when she meets Bruno, her life seems to be on a downward spiral.

Addie and Bruno’s story is one of nationality and identity, of the power of optimism to defeat despair and the unstoppable march of time. It’s the story of two people who find joy together when they were least expecting it. It's about the past and the future and the elusive skill of living in the moment. It is a love story for our times.

Review: I won this book recently from Waterstones and wasn't entirely sure what to expect from it. As the books hasn't released yet there were no reviews. When the book arrived it came with a lovely letter from the publishers and inside the proof copy itself was lots of praise for this book. Each and every quote explained how excellent this book was in many different ways. Now that I've read it I can confirm that this is a truly breathtaking debut novel.

This Is How It Ends follows Addie, an out of work architect and Bruno an American whose just lost his job. Bruno finally keeps the promise he gave his father and flies out to Ireland to find out more about his families past. It's there where their two worlds collide. Love blooms between the two but life throws unexpected obstacles their way. Life is never easy and this book shows the journey of two people trying to keep their heads above water.

What I loved about this book was the way it was written. It was like you were growing with these characters, watching the story unfold as if you were in the same room as them. It's breathtaking how unique MacMahon's writing is and how the whole way the readers are tucked in nicely watching her characters go about their lives. This book is as real as it gets. It's full of pain, love, sorrow, happiness, pretty much every human emotion there is. It's a true reflection of life and it's challenges. The events of this book could happen to anyone, that's what makes this books so heart wrenching. You bond with these characters as if they were family. You feel their pain and you worry about them. Each character even secondary ones were so well rounded and real.

The last quarter of this book was the strongest of the whole novel. It's where things happen which I'm not going to spoil for you. It was incredible the way MacMahon dealt with these obstacles and how the characters reacted. It just proves that no matter what life throws at you, you can still be happy until the end. I can easily say now that I've finished this book that it is still stuck in the front of my mind. My mind is still flicking through the story and wincing from the pain and smiling from the happiness. It's a really unique feeling. This book is going to stick with me for a long time. I can also say that the five words, This Is How It Ends, have a whole new meaning and will haunt my mind for a long while yet.

This book stirred so many emotions inside me. This Is How It Ends, shows how life can be unpredictable and you can never be prepared for it. It's an important lesson and it's changed the way I look at things. For a debut novel this is pure gold. Like I said it is a truly breathtaking novel, that will be an instant classic. It's not something I would normally read but even then it's still amazing. I'm sure everyone will love it!


  1. I love the way you've written this. It makes me want to read the book - which is sort of rare nowadays with all of these review blogs floating about all over the place. Your description of how you felt when you read the book too was something I can really relate to! So many times I've found myself weeping over a sad part, or being scared to the point that I have to put a book down and do something else for a bit!

    I was wondering - if you've posted any of your work anywhere? I'd really like to read it! Especially as you say you like Fantasy!

    Very good review - I can't wait until this comes out! :)

  2. Just to let you know also, I'm gonna put your blog button on my blog!!!


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