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Dark Inside By Jeyn Roberts

Dark Inside
Series: Dark Inside #1
Release Date: 24th May 2011
Publisher: Macmillians Childrens Books
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368

Synopsis: Moments after several huge earthquakes shake every continent on Earth, something strange starts happening to people. Michael can only watch in horror as an incidence of road rage so extreme it ends in two deaths unfolds before his eyes; Clementine finds herself being hunted through the small town she has lived in all her life, by people she has known since childhood; and Mason is attacked with a baseball bat by a random stranger. An inner rage has been released and some people cannot fight it. For those who can, life becomes an ongoing battle to survive - at any cost!

Since mankind began, civilizations have fallen - now it's our turn!

Review: Dark Inside is a hard book to review. I don't want to say too much as I don't want to give away the story. Nevertheless I can tell you that Dark Inside is an incredibly haunting book, showing a dark reality of what could really happen to the world. It shows harsh truths about people that we sometimes overlook. The whole novel has a dark twist to it, making it scary and incredibly creepy. The whole book was fast paced from the first chapter until the very last page. It was a good read and left my mind reeling and wanting to know what was happening to all of these people and why. As this is only book one I guess will get more answers in the sequel. Yes this book can get gory and there are many deaths so take this as a small warning if you don't like stuff like that.

Dark Inside begins just as an earthquake tears apart the earth destroying many cities and turning people mad in the process. The darkest parts of the human minds begins to take over and they become what we know as Baggers. They are absolutely insane and incredible scary. They kill for fun like it's a game of survival and they don't care who they kill.

There are five different point of views in this book. First there is Nothing, an incredibly creepy voice inside someones head but even at the end of the book we don't know who they are, although I do now have my suspicions. He is a little voice in our head telling the unforgettable horrors he does and how he wants to escape. The way his chapters are written in first person, pulls this person unwillingly closer to a monster and make them see a whole different side of the story. We meet Mason as he goes to see his mother who has just been in an accident. Soon she dies leaving Mason numb with grief and totally out of his mind. Grief and sorrow pulls him apart and he hates himself for what's happened and how he should be the one dead not his mother. He runs to leave the past behind and lose himself in the horror that is the future. Aries is sitting on a bus with her friends when the earthquake disturbs the world. She's lucky to make it out alive, her friend wasn't as lucky. She tries to hunt down survivors but the reality that there aren't that many hits her full on. Clementine witness the mass death of her whole town, she just makes it out alive but she soon realises that she can trust no one. Micheal witnesses two horrible deaths shortly after one another. With another survivor he leaves town to run for his life and the horrors that follow.

Each of the characters were very well fleshed out and real. Just thinking back now I became attached to all of them without realising, it was liked joining friends on a adventure. Mason is the tortured soul, who blames himself for the death of his mother and friends. Sorrow digs it's claws into his soul. Aries is a strong female character who takes charge of the situation and makes sure that she and her few followers survive. I loved her character, no matter what she was clever and always thinking of ways she could escape if need be. Clementine was more alone than the others. She got out by herself and was alone surviving for half the book until she stumbled into another character. Micheal was also the leader of his little group but when the time come to stand up and help, his decisions proves to be fatal. Each character was unique and together they made a great team even if it wasn't for long. I just want to say one thing that bugged me though, and that was that two of the characters names began with M and both were boys. I was constantly flipping back to the beginning to find out who was who, even at the end of the book, I still wasn't sure. Along the way we were also introduced to many secondary characters and I mean a lot, the ones who I liked most were Chickadee, Jack and Daniel.

The setting was hauntingly real. Like I said at the beginning of this review, this is something that could really happen, well the earthquakes at least. It's so real that you can feel the terror the characters feel. If this was real and I were a survivor I would be so scared, I wouldn't have a clue what to do. It really is scary, the harsh reality of it all. It's so real, it could happen anytime. It really makes you think about the future and life in a whole different light. The world building was good, the devastation was written well but the best was the way the baggers are described and the creepiness that comes with them.

The plot was fast paced and kept the reader engaged from start to finish. This is a really good book, and I've got the sequel ready and waiting to read so look out for that review. I really hope you consider reading this book, it definitely deserves a bigger audience. For a debut novel this is spectacular in a creepy dark way. I really recommend it, it really makes you think! I'm going to leave you with three quotes which really jumped out to me. I hope they make you want to read the book!

"The nothingness. No fire trucks, ambulances, police cars. No people, cars, stereos, televisions, computers. All the things we use to replace the silence of loneliness. All the distractions we buy that fill up the empty voids inside our souls. It's all gone." pg 50

"Humanity has found a cure to a disease they never knew existed." pg 50

"The stars would always be here. Hundreds of millions of years in the future when mankind was gone from this earth, they'd still exist." pg 219

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  1. Awesome review! I LOVED this book, and I agree, It definitely needs a bigger audience!


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